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All psychic readings done by text SMS are sent by our most gifted Psychics,
Clairvoyants & Mediums Using the Text a Psychic Service is a quick and easy way
to get answers to your burning questions on the move. It’s a little like having
your own personal Psychic in your pocket.

Using text a psychic
Texting a psychic is one of the easy and anonymous ways of getting a
quick and easypsychic reading. Texting a Psychic can help you get the
best advice you need wherever you are 24 hours a day!
While you are out on the move or at home Psychic Texting could not be more
simple or fun! Give it a try and find out how texting a psychic could help you.

               Have you got something on your mind?

You can ask any question, as our service is confidential, nothing is too
sacred or personal. What is in your partner's heart?
What are your friends thinking of you? Where is your career going?
Why is your family against what you're doing and will they
come round in the end? Is this person my soul mate?

Text a Psychic for £1.00
Simply text '
Amber' followed by a space and your question to: 85358 (£1)

£1 per text, complicated answers may require 3 texts (£3). You must be 18+, be the bill payer or have the bill payer's permission to use this guidance & entertainment service. We cannot answer questions in regards to health, pregnancy, legal or financial related matters. Help desk - info@allstarpsychics.co.uk. SP: Allstar Psychics.
We may send free promotional messages. To opt out text APSTOP to 853585

Why Text Our Psychics & Mediums?

  • No subscriptions
• Get answers on the move
• 24/7 Service
• Quick and discreet
• Real live Psychics & Mediums



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